Our economy is based on a model that assumes never-ending growth is the only way to prosper, but what if there is another way? This month we want to talk about a sharing economy. Society can thrive through more than buy buy buy and sell sell sell. The August ChangeChallenge is called “Share Instead”. We want to challenge you to separate your wants from your needs. Identify your skills, and the skills of others in the community. Ask yourself, if you really need “Item X” try to find a way to get it without buying.

This type of society encourages activities such as gardening to grow your own food, mending clothes that are torn, and fixing appliances that are broken. Perhaps you are a great baker who can trade some of your baked goods for your neighbours garden vegetables. Let’s get creative. Buy less, grow more, trade, share, lend, and borrow. All these actions mean our less stress on our environment.

What will you share this month? Tag us in your posts on Facebook and Instagram because we want to hear what residents of Barrie are doing! Try joining the Barrie Buy Less group on Facebook or the Barrie Area Being Neighbourly Group. Do you have suggestions for Barrie groups that buy less and trade more? Send us an email at sarah@livinggreen.info.


Sharing is Caring!

Share Instead: The August ChangeChallenge
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