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Webinar Synopsis:

Join us on August 8th at 7 PM for an informative webinar hosted by Shift’s Community Manager, Chris Palliser, aimed at educating attendees on the basics of solar energy. This Solar 101 session will cover a wide range of topics, including the benefits and costs of going solar, its environmental impact, challenges associated with it, and much more. Learn why the solar industry is booming, discover available government incentives such as Federal Loans, and find out what makes a house ideal for harnessing the sun. The webinar will last about an hour, starting with an engaging PowerPoint presentation followed by a Q&A session to address all your solar-related questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into solar energy and how it can benefit you and our planet!

Embracing Sustainability: Gala in the Woods Returns for 2024

After the huge success of its first event in 2023, Living Green Barrie is excited to bring back the Gala in the Woods on September 21, 2024. This special event will once again transform Springwater Provincial Park into a beautiful, eco-friendly setting where attendees can enjoy nature and delicious local, farm-to-table food. The Gala shows how easy it is to host a sustainable and eco-conscious event.