Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees is the first film of 2018 in our Green Screen series. This Thursday at Uptown Theatre, join us for a film screening and conversation about the importance of the world’s forests.


The film follows Diana – a medical biochemist and botanist – who travels to Japan, Ireland, California, and Canada to explore the scientific and spiritual qualities of the forest. Diana’s passion for trees and the magic they hold is inspiring. She balances her passion for tree folklore with a scientific exploration of the positive effect forests have on the human body and psyche.

“The science and enchantment of the global forest provides us with answers to modern dilemmas.”

The film reminds us that there is vast amount of wisdom in trees, and much of this has been forgotten or disregarded for the sake of “growth”.

“The trees know that you can be still and grow at the same time” (Chris McGeown)

Growth does not always have to measured in monetary value. We must find a way to grow as a species without destroying the environment we so intricately depend upon. We can truly grow as a species when we recognize the importance of the forests, and the profound knowledge they offer to those who listen.

Call of the Forest points out that the value of the forest is irreplaceable. Perhaps the most striking moment in the film is when we learn that “only 5% of the world’s old growth native forests currently remain today”. Diana points out that the old growth trees we have cut down cannot be re-planted; once gone, they are lost to us forever.

The film comes with a movement to restore the world’s forests. Diana’s Bioplan for Biodiversity challenges us to plant at least one native species each year. The Find A Tree app allows you to discover which forest zone you live in, along with information about tree species native to your area. 

“Climate change is happening. What can we do about it? It will start with a shovel and an acorn, but we might just change the world.” (Diana Beresford-Kroeger)

If you thought you were a tree lover before, Call of the Forest is sure to re-ignite your love of trees.

Jenna Zardo

Green Screen and Annual General Meeting

Admission: $5 – Register through EventBrite or pay at the door.

Seating is limited. Arrive early to get a recliner chair.

This is a zero-waste event! Bring your own container for popcorn and drinks.

Thank you to our sponsor Raymond James Executive Wealth Advisors

Call of the Forest Film Review
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