A 100-page UN report points out that Climate Change  is a global emergency that seriously threatens life, as we know it, for every human being on Earth. We are now facing a triple whammy-we have to pay to  reduce greenhouse emissions, we have to pay to upgrade our infrastructure to mitigate the devastating effects, and we have to pay to clean up and rebuild  after climate-related disasters like the flooding in Calgary, in the summer of 2013.


Living Green is spearheading an Urban Canopy Coalition whereby we involve other GNO’s, experts in the field, residents, businesses, and all levels of government to help increase the urban canopy here in Barrie.
Living Green is now a key partner with Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and the City of Barrie in THE CREEKS PROJECT: Restoring the environmental health of the Lovers and Barrie Creeks Subwatersheds and mitigate the devastating effects of climate change.


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Mission Statement: The UCC urges everyone to plant as many trees as possible, as quickly as possible, in as many areas as possible to reap the numerous benefits of trees including reducing the devastating effects of climate change and drastically reducing our health care costs.

Our aim is to make Barrie known as the city with the biggest urban canopy.


Areas for Immediate Restoration

·   Huronia Buffer, off Bristow Court, McConkey Place, Barrie
Planting Date: April 28, 2013
·  Park Reservoir area, Sunnidale & Cundles, Barrie,
Planting Date: May 11, 2013

 .  Lover’s Creek

  Planting Date: Oct. 5


What are the Benefits of Trees?

o  Trees are the cheapest, safest, and most effective tools for mitigating the devastating effects of climate change such as famine producing droughts and deadly floods –climate change fixers for the planet

 o  Scientists have found a fifth of the world’s carbon emissions are soaked up by extra forest growth. Trees in the tropics are getting bigger, which means they are soaking up an extra 5 billion  tonnes of CO2 a year-toxic storage tanks for the planet

 o  trees provide habitat for hundreds of species. With our urban sprawl we have   banished living creatures for their native environment so it behooves us to plant as many trees as possible to help restore some of the wildlife habitat we have taken over- animal homes of the planet  

  o  trees will help prevent good soil from being blown away and  turning large tracts of land into deserts; this will  help support healthy soil on local farms in the Barrie area – the  sieves of the planet

        o  the shade of trees keep spawning grounds for fish and other aquatic life  cool so  the eggs do not dry out from the intense heat of the sun

      o  green spaces canopied with trees and shrubs  will help  keep temperatures   down for the benefit of all living creature-the  shade parasols of the planet

o  trees protect and restore important wetlands and forests to prevent flooding and erosion , mature roots of trees  hold a staggering  57 000 gallons of water during flash flooding-the water tanks of the planet

o  the billions of hairs on leaves trap , dust, dirt and 85% of nasty pollutants  like sulphur dioxide, sulphates,  and nitrogen oxide. The cost of cardiovascular disease per year in Ontario is over 5.5 billion! In  Ontario  in 2004,  over $ 12 billion was spent  on health costs related to respiratory diseases!

It has been shown for every additional 343 trees planted asthma rates go down by 25 % in young children.  (Trees Ontario)-the medicine cabinet of the planet

o A single acre of trees will compensate for approximately 12 000 km of cars use –the street  sweepers,  filtration systems,  and health care of the planet 


o trees and shrubs will reduce the flow of contaminated sediments  and improve water quality –the  water filtration system of the planet

o   trees help increase the biodiversity of  the area –the  seed packages of the planet

o  Tree roots absorb water from the soil, making the soil drier and able to store more rainwater-the rain barrels of the planet

o   some trees take nitrogen from the air and make it  available to plants and the leaves and wood decompose to make soil–the  organic fertilizers of the planet

o  Children who play outdoors surrounded by trees exhibit less severe symptoms of ADHD- the health potion of the planet

o  Many studies have shown if you go for a walk in the woods you will reduce your stress levels and increase your energy level- the natural energy drink  of the planet

Over a 50-year lifespan, one tree provides the equivalent of $160,000 of environmental services by creating oxygen, cleaning water & air, and preventing soil erosion! (Expanding tree canopy benefits us all“)- money for your wallet


Fruit tress have the added benefit of providing food for people and animals.

Our  bee numbers are down by 35 % !  They are down for a numbers are down due bee mites,and  parasites.  And the pesticides , neonicotinoids used  on corn, soy and canola  and sold by Bayer is highly lethal to bees.

A dramatic loss of flower habitats have also  contributed to the decline of bee populations.  So it goes without saying,  that if you  grow fruit trees the shower of blossoms;  especially white ones,  will attract bees  to come to your trees . As they fly from tree to tree to gather nectar,  they will pollinate your fruit trees.  Just remember most fruit trees need cross-pollination, as they are not self-fruitful.

 So fruit trees, by providing a variety of nectar for bees, help to make them healthier and stronger.  We need thriving colonies of bees to pollinate our local crops. Pollination is needed for about three-quarters of global food crops. That  equates to every third mouthful of food that you eat!

Every year farmers lose  billion of dollars due to a decline in pollinators.

  So when you plant a tree, consider planting fruit trees and join Fruit Share here in Barrie.

Email: FruitShare.Barrie@gmail.com

 Phone: 705-721-6867

Urban Canopy Coalition

The easiest way to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change is to PLANT A TREE

Living Green’s Urban Canopy Climate Change and Fruit Share
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