We are what we eat. For the sake of convenice and expendiency, our food choices are not always made with the health of the individual or the environment in mind. This new section of our site, will serve to assist in making informed and healthy eating choices.

“…what we take out of the ocean as seafood or bycatch is greater than what the ocean can sustainably provide. We are not only facing a decline in the capacity of our oceans to provide a sustainable food source but we are destroying the basic ecological processes and food chains that we and marine life depend on.”

-Sustainable Seafood Canada

And, by destroying our oceans, we destroy an important source of human food and sustenance. Developed by Sustainable Seafood Canada, the following guide serves to help us in making responsible choices when eating out or serving seafood to our families. A pocket sized version is available from this organization via their website.

Food Choices