Our March Change Challenge will have you rummaging through your closets to find old electronic. First, to make music out of, and then, to properly dispose of!

The March GreenScreen documentary film, “Welcome to Sodom”, tells the stories of people living the e-waste land of Agbogbloshie, Ghana (AKA: Sodom). The visuals of the largest illegal electronic-waste dump site in the world are frightening, but the music, and the musicians of Sodom will have you tapping your feet, and humming to their creative tune, produced within this e-waste land of fire and fumes. This month’s Change Challenge was inspired by D-Boy, the artist featured in “Welcome to Sodom”. Learn more about D-Boy here: http://www.welcome-to-sodom.com/?page_id=665 . Listen to his single, “Welcome to Sodom” on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/4HAdOcgMDvk.

The Change Challenge we propose to you this month is to create and submit a music video about the problems and potential solutions to electronic waste! To enter, follow the guidelines below:

We cannot wait to see your creativity put into action for the E-Tunes Change Challenge!

March Change Challenge- E-Tunes
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