Almost everyday we hear headlines in the news about climate change and the environment, some good, some bad. We want to  address those issues at the local level. It is Living Green Barrie’s mission to:

“Guide citizens, businesses and local leaders towards actions that foster sustainability and resilience in our community.”

To do this, we need to reach the wider community in Barrie, and Simcoe County and we need your help! This is our ChangeChallenge for September:

We are challenging our current supporters on social media to tag their friends in our ChangeChallenge posts, to follow us.

We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and most recently, YouTube. Although social media can have its downfalls, it is a great tool for a small organization such as ours to communicate with our supporters. We post environmental news items, ChangeChallenges, events, videos, and more on our social media platforms.

Recently, we have just passed 700 followers on Facebook, and we would love to reach 1000+! We all have those friends and family members who are interested in local environmental issues, but aren’t sure how to go about it. This is the perfect way to connect them with volunteer opportunities, educational workshops, tree plantings, forest walks, GreenScreen movie nights, community clean-ups, and more, that happen throughout the year. Living Green Barrie is the city’s only registered environmental charity, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We hope to increase our number of supporters so we can increase our positive impact throughout Barrie, and the surrounding areas.

Not on social media? That’s okay too- you can subscribe to the Living Green Barrie Newsletter to stay up-to-date on all of our events. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please email our Project Director, Andee: She will be happy to hear from you! You can also go about this the old-fashioned way…bring your friends to our events. We appreciate all our supporters, old and new.

We would like to thank our current supporters who come out to every GreenScreen, take part in tree plantings, dedicate their time to pick fruit, and more Without you, there would be no “GreenScene” in Barrie!


Growing Green Friends: The September ChangeChallenge
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