Cooking   12% of Domestic Electricity Use  The Stove-Top  Little can be done to improve the efficiency of stove-top cooking.  Over 90% of Canadians cook with electricity. Electric ranges are inexpensive. They also cost little or nothing to install, where


Laundry   Potential Savings: $200 per year (Based on replacing a top-loading washing machine with a front loader and switching to cold-water washing)  Washing Machines 1% of Domestic Electricity Use  The washing machine is probably the most labour-saving domestic appliance. Scrubbing


Lighting 25% of Domestic Electricity Use – Potential Savings: $100 per year (Based on replacing 10 x 60 watt bulbs with 10 x 15 watt compact fluorescent (CF) lamps; lights on 6 hours per day x 365 days; electricity cost


Refrigeration   16% of Domestic Electricity Use – Potential Savings: $60 per year (Based on replacing a 15-year-old 15 cu ft refrigerator with a modern unit; the average Canadian refrigerator is 10 years old.)  A very old refrigerator could cost


Pollutants in the air we breathe are a threat to all living things. Read more about air pollution and smog. One of the leading causes of air pollution is the car. Another effect of air pollution is  global warming. Read the pdf


Barrie’s Water: It’s FREE now, but shouldn’t we pay for it? by Peter Bursztyn Canada is riddled with lakes. Many are tiny, but we also “own” or share the world’s largest lakes, plus some very impressive rivers. Altogether, Canadians control